Alienstock Document Disclosure

07/31/2019 Special Event Application from Little A'Le'Inn

Special Event Permit application from the Little A'Le'Inn. Note: The application is for an event named "Raid Rachel (Storm Area 51)" and for only 500 people and 100 cars. On 10/04/2019 Cory Lytle, the director of the Lincoln Conty planning department, confirmed to us over the phone that the event permit was never amended to change the name or to reflect the much larger number of people expected and that actually attended the event.

Pricing for camp sites has been removed from the Alienstock Parking web site. For those interested what the Inn charged, and for the record, here is a screen shot from their web site. Click to enlarge the screen shot. And yes, we do have a count of occupied camp sites. The numbers have been reported to the Lincoln County planning department.

08/05/2019 Lincoln County Commissioners Meeting

The minutes state that "It is estimated that 45 acres in Rachel will be tied up to house people" and "Connie stated they could see at least 30,000". So, with an event permit for 500, filed only a few days earlier, they now expect up to 30,000 visitors. Obviously the permit application was not filled out truthfully.

Connie from the Inn claims they are working with an event planner who will provide medical, security etc. Who is that? Did anyone verify that claim?

08/09/2019 Email from Planning Department to Little A'Le'Inn

Email from Cory Lytle, the director of the Lincoln County planning department to Connie West at the Little A'Le'Inn

There is again a reference to the event permit application above (for 500 people!) although at this time the number was estimated to be 30,000. There is no mention of the application needing to be corrected. The map shows an area of approx. 45 acres for the event.

It is the responsibility of the planning department to set the rules and plans for the event. Instead they fail to take charge and leave all important decisions up to the Inn.

08/12/2019 Email from Little A'Le'Inn to Planning Department

Email from Connie West at the Little A'Le'Inn to Cory Lytle, the director of the Lincoln County planning department

Connie ignores the 11pm end time mentioned by the planning department and instead states that "it will be shut down by 2am". Phrased not as a request for permission but as a statement. She also states they expect an attendance of 10,000. Their special event permit application above is for an attendance of 500.

08/16/2019 Festival Operational Agreement

Operational Agreement between The Hidden Sound LLC and the Little A'Le'Inn LLC

This is the agreement between the Inn and Matty Roberts and his group that spells out the responsibilities for the event. It was never signed. According to this agreement:

  • Performances are scheduled from Noon to 3am. In the email above, sent 4 days earlier, the Inn states that music will be between 8pm and 2am
  • Each vendor pays the Inn $1000 plus 20% of sales
  • The Inn gets 100% of the parking/camping sales (according to their web site spots sold for $60-$140 each; according to various news articles they sold at least 2,000 spots; in the 9/3/19 commissioners meeting Connie West of the Little A'Le'Inn stated they had sold 700 spots)
  • Fencing is required for the Inn and the owner's private residence but not for neighboring properties

08/19/2019 Lincoln County Commissioners Meeting

Documents filed with the commissioners by the Little A'Le'Inn

The maps show that the Inn was planning to rent out land in the center of town as well as public land between the frontage road and the highway as camp sites for the event. The document states that they were not planning to close the roads from the event site into town.

Concerns of Rachel residents presented to the County Commissioners by Rachel resident Joerg Arnu

Many of these concerns later became a reality during the event. The commissioners failed to see the validity of the Rachel residents' concerns and none of the proposed action items were voted on

09/03/2019 Lincoln County Commissioners Meeting

Documents presented to the County Commissioners by the Little A'Le'Inn
  • The document mentions 75 guards of a private security firm. Instead the Inn failed to hire a security firm. Friends and family of the owners provided "security"
  • The document mentions vehicle and personal checks for drugs and weapons. Instead, no checks were performed during the event.
  • The event area maps show road blocks to keep visitors out of the residential part of Rachel. Instead, no road blocks were set up and visitors drove through town all weekend. Many of them at up to 65MPH on dirt roads with a 25MPH speed limit.
  • The parking map shows a tour helicopter landing area on a small lot in the center of the residential part of Rachel, in close proximity to several homes. Fortunately the helicopter operator, Sundance, refused to use that area due to safety concerns.
  • Inexplicably the home of a vocal opponent of the event is marked prominently in the un-edited map, which is a matter of public record.

09/12/2019 Cease and Desist Letter from event creators to Little A'Le'Inn


09/16/2019 Lincoln County Commissioners Meeting

09/17/2019 Little A'Le'Inn lawsuit against Alienstock creator and event organizers


Before the event had even started the organizers were suing each other.

10/04/2019 Cease and Desist Letter from the Little A'Le'Inn to the Rachel web master


I would love to respond (nah, not really!) but unfortunately the email address in the header is invalid.
Update 11/08/19: As expected, nothing came out of this. If there was any truth to the claims in the above letter a law suit would have been filed by now.

10/07/2019 Lincoln County Commissioners Meeting

Concerns of Rachel residents AFTER the Alienstock event presented to the County Commissioners by Rachel resident Joerg Arnu

Once again the commissioners failed to understand the validity of the Rachel residents' concerns. None of the proposed action items were voted on

11/04/2019 Matty Roberts and Co. suing the Little A'Le'Inn

Secret audio recordings, allegations in Area 51 counter lawsuit - Connie West: '...I don't need to prove to you a mother f****** thing'

Two of the points raised in the law suit are that the event was planned and permitted under a different name and for only 500 people as uncovered in the documents on this web site. Make no mistake, there are no good guys in this. But in this case we are glad we were able to help with our document disclosure.


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