Statement from Frank DiMaggio, former Alienstock event organizer


(from an email dated 9/19/2019)

Just FYI, I am personally not an original organizer of the festival. We were contacted by Connie 16 days ago because she was panicking due to lack of organization and resources. During discovery of what was in place, we were unable to even attempt to salvage her mess, and had no intent on moving forward. The kids involved were going to be left holding the "fallout" bag and that wasn't something we felt was honorable as long as they were being kept out of the loop an all aspects. I'm including a picture of a wooden stage being built. It really sums up the inexperience and lack of safety concerns that have been obvious in this whole thing. If these were our kids, we would have pulled them out, I think you would agree. Just my opinion, but I'm clearing the air. We are not suing, we are apparently being sued which is Lincoln County's answer to their stupid mistake of permitting this mess in the first place. If you want to help, let somebody know that wooden stages can injure and kill somebody. They are not legal, and they damn sure won't pass inspection. That's my two cents of opinion. Hope it helps.

Very Best Regards,



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