Statement from Linda Hellow, part-time Rachel resident


And so it begins... the blame game has commenced and there is plenty of blame to go around.

This ill conceived event has morphed into a total fiasco even before it begins. The person who started it all, Matty Roberts, finally realized the folly and the danger, so he backed out the week before the event. I am sure he was hoping to distance himself from the fall-out that is sure to come. Of course, he points the finger of blame at Connie West, of the Lil A'Le'Inn, who has kept all of the event details so close to the vest that even the Lincoln County Commissioners seemed to be in the dark regarding the event details (even though they blindly approve the event) and they didn't seem to care... until now!

All of the horrors that would or could result from this event were very clearly chronicled by Joerg Arnu at a commission meeting well before any permits were issues, but nobody wanted to hear the truth. In fact, some of the commissioners seemed so bored they were having a hard time staying awake. They clearly had their minds made up as they saw $$ signs for the county dancing before their eyes. Unfortunately, the $$ will be flying out the county coffers instead.

Lincoln county district attorney, Dylan Frehner, stated at the Sept 16, 2019 board meeting "the possible gross misdemeanor charge of publishing a matter in breach of peace or other crimes would carry up to a year in county jail and a $2,000 fine on top of the restitution sought" should also be applied to the commissioners who turned a blind eye to this event and left it in the hands of others who were clearly not equipped to handle such a large project. Can you say "scapegoat"? Shame on the Lincoln County Commissioners! When all is said and done, they also need to be held accountable.


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