Why we do not want another Alienstock

We are a group of eight families and individuals concerned about the way Alienstock happened this year and about its impact on our community. Together we own over 30% of the land in Rachel. Most of us chose Rachel as a place to retire in peace. We all love and appreciate the pristine desert of central Nevada that we call home. We like Rachel the way it is. If we wanted party central we would have chosen to retire in Las Vegas.

The 2019 Alienstock event was very disorganized. There was no event security and we had event visitors race through town and tearing up the dirt roads all weekend. Our valley was a dust bowl! In addition we were blasted with absolutely horrible music from amateur bands until the early morning hours. This was particularly annoying for those of us living close to the event site and along Groom Avenue.

Instead of paying the high camp site fees many visitors chose to camp on the surrounding public land, causing significant damage to the desert vegetation and environment. And although most event visitors (at least this year) cleaned up fairly well after themselves some trash has blown from the event site onto surrounding public land. There is also a considerable amount of trash all along the highway to Rachel.

Because of a lack of security at the event site there were numerous illegal camp fires and fireworks. Not all visitors understand how fast a fire can spread out of control in the dry desert vegetation, especially in high winds. Luckily winds were unusually calm during the 2019 event and there were no out of control fires. But quite a few desert towns have been completely destroyed by out of control camp fires.

Alienstock has deeply divided our small community. We fear that if it becomes an annual event it will grow and bring crime to our peaceful town. We know that 99% of the visitors are good honest people. It is the 1% we are worried about. Rachel residents are used to leaving their homes and cars unlocked. Many properties are not even fenced. Because of the Alienstock event most of us had to spend considerable time and money securing our properties. There are new "No Trespassing" signs all over town. That is not the Rachel we chose as our home!

Alienstock does not benefit our community or the county. Lincoln County lost between $250,000 and $300,000 in the 2019 event. We expect that our property taxes will go up to recoup the losses, especially if this becomes an annual event. At the same time our property values, which have been stable in Rachel for decades, will go down dramatically. After all, who wants to live next to a circus?

We certainly don't! That is why we decided to put together this web site. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The concerned residents of Rachel

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